Who We Are ?

GROHUB is the home of the growers and coffee lovers. We have blended a creative café space with a indoor/outdoor grow shop to make it more of an experience for the creative people that come through our doors.

GROHUB is an environment that is not just a retail outlet, but a hub where you can stop in relax, reboot, do some work, have a meeting or just get the equipment you need for your indoor or outdoor grow set up.

We have a range of products needed for indoor growing and outdoor growing. Our team ensure competitive pricing is always offered.

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What we have

When you pop in at our HUB you will be able to shop the following ranges.


  • Grow room tents
  • Lighting (LEDs, HPS, Dual Spectrum, Electronic ballasts, Bird wing reflectors)
  • Nutrients (Biobizz, EHG, MEGA and Terra Aquatics)
  • Pesticides (Organic and non-organic)
  • Substrates (Coco, Vermiculite, Perlite and other popular premixes, such as freedom farms, Just cannabis, Atami)
  • Propagation and germination equipment (cloning powder, germination trays, propogation domes, heat mats)
  • Carbon filters, fans and inline fans
  • Square pots, Nursery bags, Material bags
  • PH and EC meters and solutions
  • Harvest (scissors, drying racks, nitrile gloves)
  • All the extras needed to make your room work (rope ratchets, ducting, clamps, hygrometers, twist tie wire, plant bends, spray bottles and more)

Our product ranges will continue to expand as we grow and find new needs in the market of hydroponics and horticulture.

If you need any tips and advice we are more than happy to assist.

You can email or Whats App us, but the best would be that you come visit us at

282 Victoria rd, Woodstock.


We can’t wait to see you!

The GROHUB team