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Perlite may be the most commonly used growing medium in the world. This excellent product is used by hydroponic as well as organic gardeners.  It has excellent “wicking” action yet doesn’t absorb water giving the plants roots plenty of oxygen. Commonly used in a mixture with vermiculite or Coco Peat.

Propagation of plant cuttings: Perlite stimulates root growth, and prevents drowning by helping drain excess water away from the cuttings. It can be used with rooting compounds.

Standalone Growing Media: Perlite is a decent option in some instances as a hydroponic medium. But it is not suitable for high water settings, like deep water culture, or ebb and flow systems.

Mix Perlite with Coco and vermiculite for a premium growing medium.

Available in 30L or 100L bags

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30L, 100L


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