Bio Bloom


Key features of Bio Bloom include:
• High levels of potassium and phosphorous to boost flowering
• Enriched with amino acids, hormones, and 70 trace elements
• Ideal for organic gardeners growing in soil or cocopeat.
• Increases and enhances the flavour of yields
• Made entirely from vegetable extracts

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Bio·Bloom  is a vegetable based, all-organic complete fertiliser designed for use during the productive flowering and fruiting stage of plant development. BioBizz Bio Bloom has an NPK ratio of 2-7-4 to ensure there’s a small amount of nitrogen and plenty of phosphorus and potassium to stimulate abundant floral and fruit growth.

Bio·Bloom is one of the original and best organic fertilisers for the flowering and fruiting stage. We’ve had great feedback from our organic customers and it seems the mix of macro nutrients, micro nutrients, enzymes and amino acids is spot on for encouraging and stimulating flowering and fruit production. Overall, a great complete fertiliser from respected Dutch brand BioBizz.
NPK Ratio: 2.0 – 7 – 4
Storage instructions: Store all your Biobizz products in a cool, dry, dark place (away from direct sunlight) with low humidity and an average (room) temperature of 18 degrees. Don´t store them in the fridge.

It is not recommended to use Bio Bizz in a Hydroponic system (NFT, DWC etc)
Bio Bizz is recommended for Hand Feeding into Coco Peat or Soil.

Potassium helps the forming and flowering of petals and bulbs. Phosphorus gives the nutrients that are necessary to make the calyces and the petals grow. Especially the addition of potassium in the nutrient program, in combination with the change in the day/night rhythm, allows the plant to receive the trigger for flowering.

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